Call for papers: Recombinant Creativity (deadline Dec. 2)

Recombinant Creativity: Temporal Intersections, (de)Historicizing Strategies, and Contemporary Cultural Products

(Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, March 6-7, 2014)

Fredric Jameson spoke of a “dialectical intensification of the autoreferentiality of all modern culture, which tends to turn upon itself and designate its own cultural production as its content” (Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism).

Building upon Fredric Jameson’s potent and pithy insight into the character of contemporary cultural production this conference asks broadly about the role of appropriation and interdisciplinarity. Has the traditionally discipline-based structure of scholarship been challenged or changed by recombinant forms and processes of critical engagement?

The Contemporary Art, New Media and Design Histories program at OCAD University invites papers that acknowledge the place and implication of Jameson’s ideas of autoreferentiality or the practices of assemblage, bricolage, collage, remixing, sampling, borrowing, mashups, hybridity, and the role of technology as strategies for creativity.

Papers will be accepted from graduate students of all levels and disciplines, and should be traditional presentations 15- 20 minutes in length. While an emphasis will be placed on these discourses in art and visual culture, we also welcome cross-disciplinary interpretations of the theme. Topics for papers may include, but are not limited to the following:

– Global and local collages in design practice

– Re-imagining indigenous culture through digital dialogues

– Hip hop in contemporary Indigenous cultures.

– Biopolitics and subversive, activist strategies

– Splicing and the cultures of bricolage in contemporary society

– Appropriation as methodology

– Processes of othering and identity-formation

– Appropriation as a sign of cultural bankruptcy

– (de) Historicizing the so-called Western canon in art history

– Recombinant culture as resistance and strategies of dissent

Please send a 250-word abstract of your paper along with a working title, keywords, curriculum vitae, and contact information to The symposium will be held 6-7 March, 2014 at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

Deadline for submission: December 2, 2013.

Successful participants will be notified by December 17, 2013.

Follow us on Twitter @cadnconference. Recombinant Creativity blog at

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