Art/Science at CAA

For those of you who are planning to attend the College Art Association’s 102nd Annual Conference (12-15 February 2014, Chicago), be sure to check out these two sessions on art and science organized by Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology:

The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) will be presenting a panel titled “The Art/Science Curriculum in the Classroom and in the Cloud.” The panel, chaired by LEAF chair Adrienne Klein, will take place on 13 February from 12:30-2 p.m. and feature presentations from individuals who have developed or participated in instruction that has brought together art and science. The panel of presenters will include Paul Thomas (University of New South Wales), Kathryn Evans (University of Texas at Dallas), Jill Fantauzza (Texas State University), Ingrid Koenig (Emily Carr University of Art and Design) and Steven Zides (Wofford College).

The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) invites you to attend “Time and Space Concepts in Postwar Art.” The panel will take place on 15 February 2014 from 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m. as part of the 102nd Annual College Art Association (CAA) Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Its focus will lie in experiments with space and time in postwar-era art. Presentations will range from Peiko Tomii (PoNJA-GenKon) on Matsuzawa Yutaka’s cosmic conceptualism to Martina Maria Tanga (Boston University) on Ugo La Pietra’s artistic investigations in 1970s Italy. The panel will be chaired by Larisa Dryansky of the University of Paris-Sorbonne and Melissa Warak of Sam Houston State University.

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