Red Hot Research No. 14

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4:00 p.m. Friday, April 11

The Commons at Spooner Hall

Don’t miss the SMA’s own Steve Goddard, speaking on Botany and the Arts! The full lineup of presenters this week runs as follows:

Promotheth Chatterjee (Business): Payment Mechanisms’ Influence on Consumer Purchases

Ward Lyles (Urban Planning): Climate Change Adaptation

Steve Goddard (Spencer Museum of Art/Art History): Botany and the Arts

EcoHawks with Chris Depcik (Mechanical Engineering): Sustainable Energy

Leigh Stearns (Geology): Greenland Glaciers & Climate Change

Red Hot Research is a series of research sharing sessions that aims to introduce KU researchers to the work of their colleagues, stimulating multidisciplinary inquiry and the formation of new collaborative research teams.  The format of Red Hot Research sessions is inspired by Pecha Kucha.

A collaboration between ARC & CERN


Today at ARC we had a fantastic virtual meeting with the people at arts@CERN and collide@CERN. This collaboration was the brainchild of Daniel Tapia Takaki who is a physicist at KU and CERN. The team at CERN were Panos Charitos, Adelina von Fürstenberg, and Rosalind McLachlan.  Today it was decided that we will be having public and private roundtable discussions on November 19th at The Commons here in Lawrence. Rosalind will be discussing her project ‘CERN as an Archeological Site’ and Adelina will be presenting the past projects at CERN. We at ARC are very excited by the project and the possibilities of what future projects we might make together. Below you can find out more about everyone involved in our collaboration. We will be posting more on this project as it progresses.