Red Hot Research No. 15

red hot research logo

4:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 5

The Commons at Spooner Hall

Back for the fall semester! Several of this week’s presenters collaborate with the Museum on various projects–Paul Atchley is working with ARC on the “Performing History” game app, and Bonnie Johnson was in the galleries last week with her History and Theory of Planning course. Come hear about their research and enjoy good food and drink at the best interdisciplinary networking event on campus.

The full lineup for this week runs as follows:

Ruth Ann Atchley (Psychology); Paul Atchley (Psychology)

Shannon Portillo (Public Affairs & Administration)

Clarence Lang (African and African American Studies, American Studies)

Bonnie Johnson (Urban Planning)

Byron Darby (Design)

Red Hot Research is a series of research sharing sessions that aims to introduce KU researchers to the work of their colleagues, stimulating multidisciplinary inquiry and the formation of new collaborative research teams.  The format of Red Hot Research sessions is inspired by Pecha Kucha.

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