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UC San Diego – Arthur C. Clark Center for Human Imagination & Active Structures + Materials Research Unit

UC San Diego - Arthur C. Clark Center for Human Imagination & Active Structures + Materials Research Unit

On March 12 Steve Goddard and I drove down to the campus of the University of California at San Diego where we met with Sheldon Brown, who runs the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination and is professor and vice chair of the art department there. Sheldon also runs the Center for Hybrid Multi-core Productivity Research. He comes to the question of hybrid practice from a very interesting position. Although trained in the arts, he creates work through computing and has done so since the early nineties. He has written several grants to the NSF that have been funded, and he has been working with one foot in the field of art and one in the field of computing for some time. One of the things that Sheldon talked about was trying to get technologists and artists to work together on problems where they use imagination through technology. Some of his collaborative research projects have paired science fiction writers with technologists.

We also met with Lisa Cartwright, professor of communication and science studies at UCSD, who is moving to visual arts and works with Jordan Crandall, who is chair of the art department and director of the active structures + materials research unit. Jordan had kindly set up a meeting with us a few times but unfortunately was unable to make our meeting because of a scheduling conflict. Lisa told us that the research unit had been given a new space in the Structural Materials and Engineering building. She also told us about the great work being done by EMPAC and Patricia Olynyk at Washington University. Lisa was also kind enough to elaborate on her current work around wind turbines in Kansas. Both Lisa and Sheldon were fantastic and I recommend that you check out their work, and Jordan’s, via the links below.