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Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia – Book Launch


Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia

5:30pm Tuesday, May 12 | The Commons

A volume of scholarly essays published this spring by the Spencer Museum and Yale University Press is the first inclusive study of color in East Asia. Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia, a project of the Spencer’s Arts Research Collaboration initiative, comprises groundbreaking scholarship and a stunning array of images. Editor Mary M. Dusenbury, Spencer Museum research curator, will give a brief talk about the development of this interdisciplinary project and sign copies of the book. Dusenbury was awarded a Seed Grant from The Commons in 2010. This event is by invitation only; to learn more about the publication and request an invitation, please email rblocksome@ku.edu

João Fiadeiro, ARC Creative Specialist-in-Residence

ARC’s first Creative Specialist was Portuguese choreographer and researcher João Fiadeiro.  Fiadeiro’s method of “real-time composition” focuses on process rather than product, transforming movement into a theoretical-practical tool and platform to understand and rethink decision, representation, and cooperation, both in art and in life. For the past five years, he has been using this method as a research practice to explore the issues of pre-action, emergency, and decision, thereby broadening its scope to incorporate scientific fields such as anthropology, neurobiology, economics, complex system sciences, and cognitive science. Fiadeiro will do a performance lecture, “The Anatomy of a Decision”, that will explore this method, a transdisciplinary workshop, where faculty are invited to participate in his method and a work-in-progress where he will perform using the real-time composition method in response to the architectural space of The Commons.

“The Anatomy of a Decision”

Performance lecture by João Fiadeiro

Sunday, Feb. 15, 7:30 p.m.

Lied Center Pavilion

“A Transdisciplinary Exploration of Human Systems”

Friday, Feb. 20, 4–8 p.m. & Saturday, Feb. 21, 9–5 p.m.

The Commons

“A Work-in-progress” w/Q&A after the performance.
Friday, Feb. 27, 4:00pm
The Commons

João describing real-time composition.
João describing real-time composition.
Real-time composing
Real-time composing
The Transdisciplinary Workshop at the Commons
The Transdisciplinary Workshop at the Commons
A Real-time composition workshop performance.
A Real-time composition workshop performance.

Excavating the Universe: Physics Interacts with Art – Online

Below you will find a link to Paolo Giubellino’s talk ‘The Big Bang in the Laboratory’ followed by ‘Excavating the Universe: Physics Interacts with the Arts’ panel discussion with Paolo Giubellino, Marissa Benedict, Saralyn Reece Hardy, and Agnes Mocsy. Also included in this post are images from the days events.

Artist Marissa Benedict talks about science and arts collaborations.
Artist Marissa Benedict talks about science and arts collaborations.
The audience for 'Excavating the Universe: Physics Interacts with the Arts'.
The audience for ‘Excavating the Universe: Physics Interacts with the Arts’.

CERN Releases part of its photo archive

old cern2

As we get into the run up to our Round Table sessions with CERN I thought it would be interesting to post some of the photos from its archive. These photos show how long the project has been going while also revealing the visual allure that many artists feel for the aesthetics of physics. So please come and participate in our event at The Commons on Nov 21st.

Here is the official blurb –

Excavating the Universe: Physics Interacts with the Arts

2:30-4:00pm Friday, November 21 | The Commons
Sponsored by the Spencer Museum of Art and the Department of Physics & Astronomy

This roundtable brings together artists and physicists to talk about the ways their work is stimulated and inspired by the other discipline. Distinguished panelists will include experimental physicist Paolo Giubellino, spokesperson for the ALICE project at CERN; Ariane Koek, coordinator of the Arts@CERN project; physicist and filmmaker Agnes Mocsy; designers from the studio MK12, which did the graphics for Particle Fever; and artist Marissa Benedict, who works with the Art, Science & Culture initiative at the University of Chicago. This event is organized by physics Prof. Daniel Tapia Takaki and the Arts Research Collaboration (ARC) initiative at the Spencer Museum of Art. Supported by the Research Investment Council, ARC is a partnership between the SMA and the Biodiversity Institute, Information and Telecommunication Technology Center, and Department of Visual Art that aims to foster innovative interdisciplinary research at the intersection of the arts, sciences, technology, and society.

Links below.



old cern

ARC Creative Specialist João Fiadeiro – Site Visit

ARC’s first creative specialist, João Fiadeiro , is coming for a site visit to Lawrence from the 8th to the 12th of October. João’s practice comes out of dance, movement, and performance and he has worked with neuroscientists and anthropologists in his previous work. While in Lawrence he is going to meet faculty members and staff that he hopes to collaborate with on his residency in February 2015. Below you will find a link to his website. He and his company are based in Lisbon.