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UCLA Game Lab

ucla game lab

On March 10th I started a weeklong research junket in California. The first of my visits was to the UCLA Game Lab where I enjoyed the hospitality of the Director, Eddo Stern, and the Game Lab manager, Tyler Stefanich. They talked to me about the origins of the lab and what it is attempting to do. Eddo talked a lot about creating a hybrid culture at the lab that combined DIY, Indie game, and commercial computer gaming cultures. The Game Lab is a fantastic place for artists who see games as a medium for expressing a multitude of ideas. I saw games that explored feminism, racial stereotypes, Animalia, etc. It was a great place for me to start thinking about how institutions are approaching research in California but also how new forms of culture and community need institutional support to thrive and grow in ways that we may never have thought possible. Check out their website to see all of the great work they have done.