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Red Hot Research No. 13

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4:00 p.m. Friday, March 28

The Commons at Spooner Hall

This week’s lineup:

Dave Tell (Communication Studies): Grain Elevators and Postmodernity

Hajar Aghababa (Institute for Policy and Social Research): Early Literacy

Marc Greenberg (Germanic Languages & Literatures), Ada Emmett (KU Libraries), Town Peterson (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology): Open Access and Bottlenecks in a Global Scholarly Communication System

Gregory Rudnick (Physics & Astronomy): The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

Jeremy Martin (Mathematics): Network Flow Models

Red Hot Research is a series of research sharing sessions that aims to introduce KU researchers to the work of their colleagues, stimulating multidisciplinary inquiry and the formation of new collaborative research teams.  The format of Red Hot Research sessions is inspired by Pecha Kucha.