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Red Hot Research

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4:00 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5

The Commons at Spooner Hall

ARC’s very own Steven Duval will be presenting this week on the Performing History project–don’t miss it!

Here’s the complete lineup:

Alexander C. Diener (Geography): Mongolia’s Transport Revolution

Alfred Ho (Public Affairs & Administration): Citizen satisfaction, government performance, and media

Lou Mulligan (Law): Federal Court Authority

Steven Duval (Spencer Museum of Art): Performing Identity/Performing History

Rich Glor (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute): Evolution

Red Hot Research is a series of research sharing sessions that aims to introduce KU researchers to the work of their colleagues, stimulating multidisciplinary inquiry and the formation of new collaborative research teams.  The format of Red Hot Research sessions is inspired by Pecha Kucha.

David Rokeby


Over the last three days we have had the pleasure of listening to and engaging with, The Commons’ Artist-In-Residence, David Rokeby. If you are not aware of David’s dynamic practice I suggest you visit his website via the link below that has great documentation of many of his works. As SMA Director Saralyn Reece Hardy says “David has a nimbleness” in thinking and speaking that is fascinating and infectious. David’s work employs a number of different strategies, often using technology, to encourage the participants awareness of their relationship to their bodies and, in turn, the world. He has represented Canada in the Venice and São Paolo Biennales as well as other impressive venues. ARC can’t recommend him enough.