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LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab & the UCLA Art|Sci Lab

LACMA's Art + Technology Lab & the UCLA Art|Sci Lab

Day 2 of the ARC research trip took Saralyn Reece Hardy, SMA Director, Steve Goddard, Associate Director and Head Curator, and me to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There we met with Amy Heibel the associate vice president of technology, web, and digital media there who is also running the Art + Technology Lab. Amy was kind enough to tell us about the private partnerships the museum developed to get the project started and how the museum was moving toward a more user based model. Amy took us to their space in the Balch Library and told us about some of their plans for the future. If you click on the link below you will see the start of what promises to be a great project in the spirit of LACMA’s seminal ‘Art & Technology’ exhibition. After our visit with Amy we saw a lot of great art including the James Turrell retrospective and ‘See the Light: Photography, Perception, Cognition’.



Our second visit that day was to UCLA again where we met with Christina Agapakis who has created a very interesting hybrid practice between visual art and synthetic biology. Christina was kind enough to show us her lab as well as give us a tour of the campus on our way to visit the Art|Sci Lab in the Broad Center for Art. Christina introduced us to the lab’s director Victoria Vesna who told us about all of the projects that they were doing. Victoria told us about how she felt that the core of a good collaboration was friendship and that a real collaboration was one that lasted years. She also told us about their Nanolab which is a summer school for young artist/scientists who work with various specialists over their term. The Art|Sci Lab is a really wonderful project and you can read about via the links below.